I am working on a graphic novel titled, "Seven Citadels" with friend Kevin Maurer.
This is a teaser video of the opening scene. Kevin is the narrator.

The newspaper I work for, The Fayetteville Observer, wanted to create a fun quiz to add to our online coverage to the election. I came up with this super simple game. I did all the drawings, animations and coding. Though, I was able to code it because I found a very simple way of doing so. I also created a version of this game for the OSU Alumni Association. That game centered around Legend Archie Griffin.

Let's call this the Kane Cochran section

Kane is a good friend and an amazing programmer. He has called upon me to create art for some really cool online games. I'll post here the ones that are still available. The links will open on a separate window.

Smash Your Rival


Nail The Interview


Another work-related project. This one took me a while. Ever heard of Timothy Hennis? He was tried for murder and rape back in the 70's; convicted and given the death penalty. It was later overturned and he was freed. The story would be turned into a book called "Innocent Victims" and a TV mini series. He was a soldier when it happened and continued to receive a pension from the military to this day. Well, the DNA samples found on the bodies were recently retested and it looks like it was a positive match to Hennis. Because of double jeopardy , he can not be tried under civilian courts again for that crime but since he is still a soldier he can be retried under the Army court system.

The Army had their Article 32 hearing in 2007 (for which I was the courtroom sketch artist) and found that there was enough new evidence to proceed. Working for a newspaper adjacent to Fort Bragg, we wanted to create a micro-site that refreshed viewers of the whole event. Here is a link to that package.

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